Alcyone Service

Alcyone offers Maritime Surveillance and Environmental Disaster Monitoring.
Powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence models and tools.

Ship Monitoring

Track ships in satellite images and monitor port activity

Fire and Smoke Detection

Locate and detect fire or smoke incidents in land and sea

Oil Spill detection

Perform oil spill detection and segmentation on multispectral satellite images

Our Goal

Disaster monitoring and early detection of environmental hazards is crucial for our ecosystem. Our goal is to offer a holistic service for scientists and first responders to help combat and mitigate environmental disasters.

Machine Learning

Using modern and cutting edge machine learning tools and methods

Computer Vision

Analyzing images to help identify crucial characteristics and features

Remote Sensing

Detecting and monitoring physical characteristics on given geolocation

Satellite Image Datasets

Taking advantage of popular satellite image datasets and near real-time satellite image sources, to train Machine Learning Models

Modern Web frameworks

Using top and widely used web technologies, tools and technics

API Interaction

Take advantage of our API, use our models and algorithms for tailor-made solutions

Get in touch

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